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LIRA’s primary objective in amateur radio communications is severe weather chasing and disaster relief. Being that, the alliance has formed a team better known as the ‘LIRA Storm Team’. The team promptly provides reliable and accurate information from the Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas region to important entities such as Comanche County Emergency Management and KSWO television. This viable information is then passed on to safeguard the general public.

On April 1, 2006, a group of five amateur radio enthusiasts decided to unite to form an organization currently known as the Lawton Independent Repeater Alliance. The alliance’s general objective is to promote amateur radio communications to higher standards throughout Southwest Oklahoma. Since inception, the group has rapidly exploded in assets, five 70cm repeaters, three 2-meter repeaters, APRS digi-peaters, and one IRLP node. Many of the members of LIRA show to be very resourceful and technologically advanced. To this day, LIRA continues to further seek new plans and opportunities to enhance amateur radio in this region.